N1 Outdoors® Just Pass’N Through™ Bowhunting Tee (Heather Brown)


The N1 Outdoors® Just Pass’N Through™ tee is the shirt that tells the world you love to bowhunt! From the insanely soft fabric to the creative design (did you notice the arrow is a highway?), the Just Pass’N Through tee hits the bullseye of comfort and clever. (This Just Pass’N Through design also available in heather royal.)

The story behind this design

We love everything about hunting, fishing and the outdoors. But we really love bowhunting! We wanted to create a shirt that would resonate with both men and women that love to bowhunt as much as we do. 

Bowhunting specifics

When we began brainstorming about this shirt design, we started by identifying terms and concepts that all bowhunters can relate to. Bows, arrows, accuracy and blood (sorry, but that’s bowhunting). In addition, as a bowhunter, there are some things you want… scent control, accuracy and a clean, ethical kill, to name a few.

The “aha!” moment

One of the best things you can hope for as a bowhunter is a shot that passes through the vitals, resulting in as quick a kill as possible (otherwise known as a “pass-through” shot). As we began discussing this, a popular catch-phrase came to mind… “just passing through.” That was it! We could create a design that centered around that well-known phrase and it would have a double meaning! 

The artwork

Our next challenge clear… create artwork that would connect the “just passing through” phrase with bowhunting in a way that would communicate the clever play on words as well as reinforce the N1 Outdoors® brand. We decided that the way to do that was with an arrow, a broadhead hole. To reinforce the brand, we shortened the word “passing” to “Pass’N.” The reason behind this was that the letter “N” is an integral part of our brand. (You may have noticed, our logo is a letter “N” that is made up of two number 1s.) 

Almost there

We needed an arrow. Check. We needed a broadhead hole. Check. We needed the phrase “Just Pass’N Through” in artistic form. Check. But how could we add that little extra something to really drive home the point (pun intended)? It all came down to a simple line.

The finishing touch

We had managed to connect a popular phrase with our favorite pastime. The arrow seemed to be piercing the shirt (passing through) and coming at the viewer. But as we were admiring our idea, that final light bulb went off. If we put a line down the middle of the arrow shaft, it would subtly look like a highway, which is the way many people are “just passing through.” And that was it. A little line down that arrow shaft was the finishing touch on one our our most popular designs ever. We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we did designing it!


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N1 Outdoors® Just Pass’N Through™ Bowhunting Tee

  • 3.6 oz. 65% polyester/35% cotton
  • 30/1’s fine knit jersey
  • Side-seamed
  • Ribbed crew neck
  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Features a Tear Anywhere label

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